Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"
the oldest Electrotechnical University in Europe

July 2017

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Faculties of our university

Bachelor's Programs



Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications "FRT"

  • 11.03.01 – Radio Engineering
  • 11.03.02 – Communication Technologies and Communication Systems
  • 11.03.03 – Designing and Technology of Electronic Facilities
  • 11.05.01 - Radio Electronic Information Systems and Complexes (specialist, 5,5 years)

Faculty of Electronics "FEL"

  • 11.03.04  – Electronics and Nanoelectronics
  • 28.03.01  – Nanotechnologies and Microelectronics

 Faculty of Computer Science and Technology "FKTI"

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automatics "FEA"

Faculty of Information, Measurement and Biotechnical Systems "FIBS"

Faculty of Economics and Management "FEM"

Faculty of Humanities "GF"


All Bachelor's programs are taught in Russian. To be eligible for these programs You can get a basic training on Preparatory department

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