Applied Mathematics and Informatics

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Program code

Degree acquired
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Internal, self-funded - 15 seats

4 years + 2 year Master's program
School of Computer Technologies and Informatics
Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications
Entrance test
Mathematics, the Russian language, Informatics

The minimum
score total,
internal (self-funded)

Mathematics - 55
the Russian language - 50
Informatics - 50

About training

The program is focused on specialist training in the area of research, analytics, design, engineering and manufacturing, etc. Job requirements for such positions include proficiency in mathematics, programming, information and communication technologies, computer systems and networks.

Key points

1. Student can participate in innovative developments at the Departments and the School.
2. Students can take international Internships (Finland, Germany).
3. Students can combine part-time job with study at the University.
4. Students can apply to Master’s programs.

The main subjects

• Procedural and modular programming;
• Computer architecture;
• Operating systems;
• Architecture of distributed computer systems;
• Databases;
• Specification, design and architecture of software systems;
• Computer graphics;
• Web-technologies;
• Developing application software with a graphical interface;
• Digital image processing;
• Basics of storage technologies;
• Program verification;
• Elements of functional analysis;
• Differential equations;
• Mathematical packages;
• Game theory and operations research;
• Statistical methods of experimental data processing.


The Department conducts research work in laboratories that are equipped with:
• Open software, and mobile platforms;
• Computer graphics;
• Distributed information processing;
• Computer-based methods of identification;
• Intelligent data processing methods with a complex internal structure in distributed systems;
• Methods of experiment planning, risk theory, financial and actuarial mathematics, applied mathematics;
• Digital computing complexes of sonar systems.
Microsoft DreamSpark is available for students of the Department, which gives them the opportunity to use Microsoft software products for studying.

Your future career

• Programmer;
• Engineer-mathematician;
• Developer of computer models, methods and algorithms;
• Testing specialist;
• Data scientist;
• Database administrator;
• System architect;
• System programmer;
• System analyst.


International Students Office
Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 17:00
Phone number: +7 (812) 234-35-53

197376, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Professor Popov str., building 5, office 3418