Guldana Sabenova

I am originally from Kazakhstan. After graduating as a bachelor I decided to continue my studies. On the exact day, when I was informed that I had successfully finished my internship and hired to the mobile phone company, I saw my name on the site of ETU among enrolled in master's degree! I took the documents from my might-have-been job and went to study. In general, studying in St. Petersburg was my old dream!

When I entered ETU, I did not know anything about this University. I did not read any reviews, none of my friends studied here. I learned about the university from the Internet. I applied, passed the competition, and entered the University. And it’s already the second year of my study here!

At the University there is a great teaching staff. The teachers give lectures and seminars lively and interactive.

In addition to training, it is worth noting that during this time I have founda lot of friends from all over the world. A weekend can be spent studying, reading, recreation and cultural activities in the most beautiful city in Russia - St. Petersburg!

Overall, the university organizes lot of activities, which I also take part in.

Now I'm going through internship at the IT company «A'Software». With this company my master's thesis will be connected. And ETU has helped me to settle in this.

As one saying says "the world gives the way to a man who knows where to go". Find yourself and your path in the life. And you will succeed.

And I found my way in ETU! Dreams Come True!