PhD Theses in the field of Computer Science

 1) Simulation and visualization of dynamic situations for landing control of aircraft in marine conditions (2009);

2) Development and study of clustering techniques and algorithms for data analysis systems (2009);

3) Method and algorithms of automatic text-independent speaker verification and their software implementation (2010);

4) Algorithms of face image processing and representation in canonical variable space (2010);

5) Development and study of mapping systems and observation systems of dynamically spatial scenes (2010);

6) Structural models and algorithms of anomaly detection in ionospheric signals (2011);

7) Algorithms of data migration in high-scalable cloud storage systems (2011);

8) Mobile agent systems with adjustable architecture (2011);

9) Development of distributed heterogeneous computational systems and application launch in a distributed computational environment (2011);

10) Iterative and operator technique of non-linear compensation and construction of perceptron models of impulse noise filters (2011);

11) Mathematical modeling of an ocean surface using satellite data on the basis of 2D spline approximation (2011);

12) Method, technique, and tools for providing reliability of integrated computer networks (2011);

13) Express-methods of face image processing for biometric systems (2011);

14) Algorithms of traffic transform and classification for detecting intrusions into computer networks (2011);

15) Methods and models of reconstructing the structure of a group telemetric signal (2012);

16) Use of database technologies for system integration of heterogeneous complexes of scientific computations (2012);

17) Model and algorithms of geomagnetic data analysis and geomagnetic activity index computation (2013);

18) Analytical and numerical technique of studying mathematical models of dynamic systems with distributed parameters (2013);

19) Development of a launching system of resource-consuming applications in a cloud heterogeneous environment (2013);

20) Algorithms and software of estimating parameters of a multicomponent vibrational signal (2013);

21) Tools for creation of parallel algorithms of intellectual analysis of data (2013);

22) Method and algorithms of computational network monitoring on the basis of joint analysis of temporal and functional characteristics of a stack of protocols TCP/IP (2013);

23) Mathematical and software tools for computer-aided systems of digital signal processing systems (2013);

24) Development of a computer-aided system of topology synthesis of specialized large-scale integration circuits (2013);

25) Development and study of techniques of constructing computer-aided distributed systems on the basis of web-service technologies (2013);

26) Methods of analytical and simulation modeling of systems with queues and stochastic networks (2011);

27) Multicomponent models and algorithms of analysis of anomalous geophysical signals (2009);

28) Methods and algorithms of search and estimation of arrangement options of technical objects in city areas (2015);

29) Development and study of instrumental tools of computer-aided systems of biomechanical objects (2015);

30) Models and algorithms of processing of weakly formalized information in technical systems (2015);

31) Analysis and synthesis of particular optimal controls of non-linear dynamic objects (2014);

32) Method and machine of logical deduction for formal verification of parallel algorithms (2014);