Summer schools of Russian Language "LETI"

Summer schools invite you to learn Russian and to look at one of the most beautiful cities of the world in summer when the weather is good!

On the basis of our university

Intensive courses of Russian as a foreign language are conducted on the base of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. They are suitable for different levels of knowledge of Russian and will help you to start learning Russian, to improve knowledge of Russian, to receive intensive practice of colloquial Russian, to be prepared for training in Russian and many other opportunities.

At our university there are three basic programs of summer schools for Russian as a foreign language.

General information


From 7 days to 2 months. Usually summer schools at university are organized in July and August, but according to collective demands also other terms of training are possible.


To gain knowledge, to look at one of the most beautiful cities of the world, to establish scientific and friendly connection with colleagues from Russia and other countries.


Russian and English.


Cost depends on the program and the term of training, indicative cost is 250 - 500 EUROS (270 – 530 US dollars). Registration of the invitation, training, training materials, cultural program are included in the price of the training. Accommodation payment isn't included in the price.

Accommodation! It is necessary to coordinate accommodation conditions with the university:

  1. Trainee can be provided with the place in the university hostel No. 7 or hostel No. 8, indicative cost of accommodation is 5-7 EUROS per day.
  2. The university can help with searching of place for living for the period of training in summer school (hotel, hostel, room or apartment, etc.)

Remember! In summer school you will need:

  • invitation and visa (for the visa countries);
  • health insurance

Term of statements

  • for citizens of the CIS countries and the countries of visa-free entry into the Russian Federation – in 7 days prior to occupations;
  • for citizens of the European Union – till June 01 or in 14 days prior to occupations;
  • for citizens of the visa countries (not the EU) – till May 10 or in 45 days prior to occupations.

How to get to summer school

If you decided to take part in one of summer schools, we offer you the following order of paperwork:

  1. to fill and send us the demand;
  2. to send us the copy of the passport;
  3. to send us the copy of the diploma about education;
  4. the university will sign with you the contract for training at summer school: further the trained makes payment, and the university does the invitation;
  5. by results of training the standard certificate is issued.

Contact information

Mon - Fr. 10:00 - 17:00