Master’s Degree Programs

Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications "FRT"

Faculty of Electronics "FEL"

Faculty of Computer Technologies and Informatics "FKTI"

  • 01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • 09.04.01 Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics
  • 09.04.01 Computer Science and Knowledge Discovery (in English)
  • 09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies
  • 09.04.04 Software Engineering
  • 27.04.03 Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics
  • 27.04.04 Control in Technical Systems

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automatics "FEA"

  • 13.04.02 Electroenergetics and Electrical Engineering
  • 27.04.04 Control in Technical Systems
  • 27.04.04 Automation and Mechatronics (in English)

Faculty of Information, Measurement and Biotechnical Systems "FIBS"

Faculty of Economics and Management "FEM"

  • 27.04.02 Quality Management


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