The aim of LETI - TOP-100 Leading Universities in the World

LETI was included in the group of 15 Russian universities, which became winners of the competition of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in receiving subsidies for entry into the TOP 100 Leading Universities in the World.

To achieve this goal our University will receive financial support from the state. Total budget of the project will amount to 9 billion roubles.

ETU Programme for Improvement of Competitiveness

While developing of ETU Programme for Improvement of Competitiveness the following aspects were taken into account: university time-honored history and experience of educational and scientific activity, objective assessment of their current state and prospects, level of interest of training programs for applicants and students, involvement of the university into international academic and scientific exchange.


The program is aimed at improving the infrastructure of the university and developing on its basis in close cooperation with industrial and academic organizations of six scientific and educational platforms.

Participation in Programme for Improvement of Competitiveness is a challenge for the university, but educational and scientific potential of ETU will for sure help overcome all the difficulties. Some time ago university started work in this direction like development and implementation of Program of strategic development of the University and the Program of long-term partnerships with foreign universities and research centers, of strategies on increase of publication activity of University staff and of new educational programs, including in English.

Race for position in the international rankings should not be considered as an end in itself. This is though a very important, but just an indicator of competitiveness. The most important thing is to work with responsibility, creativity and inspiration, and that will lead to worthy public assessement and high positions in rankings!


LETI – ZIBAT: how cross-cultural communication works

LETI – ZIBAT: how cross-cultural communication works


From October, 30 to November, 11 2017 visit of students and teachers from Zealand institute of Business and Technology ZIBAT (Denmark) to ETU was held. It was organized within the joint educational program, which is implemented by partner universities.

Ergonomic education in LETI: from leadership in Russia to the international arena

Ergonomic education in LETI: from leadership in Russia to the international arena


On September 27-29. 2017 the V International Ergonomic ABERGO conference (The Brazilian ergonomic community) with the assistance of Ergonomic association of the countries of Latin America of ULAERGO and International ergonomic association IEA, in which ETU “LETI” took part, took place in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

Team of ETU

Team of ETU "LETI" is a winner of Olympiad on engineering and computer graphics


On October 14, 2017 the regional student's Olympiad on engineering and computer graphics was held.

Scientific elite generation bridge:

Scientific elite generation bridge: "School of young scientists"


From October 5 to October 6 scientific conference "School of Young Scientists" on vacuum micro and a nanoelectronics took place at ETU. It by right is considered as the large platform for communication of young scientists and masters of vacuum micro and nanoelectronics technologies.