2nd International Scientific Symposium "Sense. Enable. SPITSE." was held at ETU "LETI"

2nd International Scientific Symposium

2nd International Scientific Symposium "Sense. Enable. SPITSE." was held at ETU "LETI" from 22 June to 3 July, 2015.

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As part of strategic partnership SPITSE between Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany), St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (Russia), and the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (Russia) the 2nd International Scientific Symposium "Sense. Enable. SPITSE." was held at ETU "LETI" from 22 June to 3 July, 2015. The event included scientific conference (June 22-26) and scientific school for young scientists (June 29 - July 3).

On the opening day of the symposium the first Vice-Rector, head of working group of ETU "LETI" V. N. Sheludko, head of Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering Department of Institute of Information Technologies of Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany) Professor M. Hein, head of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in St. Petersburg M. A. Kliayneberg and chairman of North-West section of the International Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electronics (IEEE) S.O. Shaposhnikov greeted the participants of the symposium.

The conference was opened by the head of the 10th region (Asia-Pacific) IEEE, professor at University of Yamaguchi (Japan) Atsushi Sanada with the report «Transformation Electromagnetics and Metamaterials» and director of Institute of Information Technology of Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany) Professor Hannes Töpfer with the report «Enhancing Superconductive Sensors and Detectors with Superconductive Digital Electronic Components - A Step Towards System Integration». In total, the scientific symposium "Sense. Enable. SPITSE. "2015 was attended by over 100 scientists from Germany, Finland, Japan, Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia.

In the frameworks of scientific conference director of IBM Michael Wirth and director of Physics Institute of Karlsruhe (Germany) Alexey Ustinov presented their reports. There were nine sections on the following topics:

  • Novel technologies for RF, microwave, and optical sensors and devices
  • Data fusion and Data Mining
  • Processing of biomedical signals
  • Antennas for RF and microwave sensing
  • Passive and active microwave devices
  • Biomedical diagnostics, technology and applications
  • Embedded software engineering
  • Nonlinear dynamic system modeling; analog/digital signal processing
  • Energy efficient frontends, wireless power transfer
  • Smart sensors, sensor signal acquisition, HW/SW co-design


For the participants of the scientific conference cultural program was prepared. It included boat trip along rivers and canals on a river boat, tour guide to Peterhof and gala dinner.

The symposium was supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the International Institute of Engineers in the field of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE), the companies DEN GmbH, Helukabel and Würth Elektronik.

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