"A willing horse of radiodiagnostics"

The "Microfocal X-ray Computer Tomograph" project (MRKT) accomplished by the staff of CJSC Eltech-Med took was second in the tender "HiProm 2016-Sensorics".

29.09.2016 140

The "Microfocal X-ray Computer Tomograph" project (MRKT) accomplished by the staff of CJSC Eltech-Med took was second in the tender "HiProm 2016-Sensorics". Presentation of works took place on September 5-6, 2016 in the territory of the Innovative Center "Skolkovo". 

Head of the working group of the project, head of Department of Electron Devices and Systems, Doctor of Engineering, professor Nikolay Nikolaevich Potrakhov told the members of Department of public relations about tomograph benefits.

– Thirty years ago a new direction of medical diagnostics was offered in our country – a microfocal X-ray analysis. The Leningrad consolidation of electronic industry “Svetlana” and LETI, which had traditionally close partnership, became developers of technical means for implementation of this new technique in various fields of medicine. The specialized x-ray tube for the structural analysis was the basis. It was modernized and offered for medical purposes by efforts of our specialists, therefore this direction of diagnostics appeared. In our project we connected benefits of a microfocal X-ray analysis to opportunities of a computer tomography. The operating sample of MRKT which was submitted on the competition organized by Skolkovo Fund became a result of the work.

– What are the benefits of your tomograph?

– Our sample uses cheaper domestic accessories in comparison with the western analogs and know-how elements regarding algorithms of collection of projective data during raying of objects. In other words, we created "a willing horse of radiodiagnostics" – available in price, simple in design, reliable and with high functional qualities.

– Is mass production of your tomograph planned?

– Research tomograph of any class is some kind of custom tailoring, but not a ready-for-service shop, except for the classical tomographic installations produced by foreign producers in lots. It’s created for a specific customer, including educational organizations and research laboratories. We developed a universal basic sample with a set of main technical means and the corresponding software which we plan to issue in small lots. For this purpose there is a working group which will be able to create a tomograph for any customer.

– In what areas will your development be applied?

– With the help of our tomograph it is possible to research various objects of rather small size, for example, biological tests, including bone fragments. So in stomatology it will be possible to study process of replacement of bone tissues in case of implantation of teeth. We developed and now are trying to enter a concept of the local tomography consisting of three-dimensional research of small fragments inside a big object into this area of diagnostics. MRKT will be useful in such spheres as archeology, electronic industry, criminalistics, and we already have successful examples of such use.

– Tell us about the team of developers of this project, please.

– Specialists of the cathedral enterprise of CJSC “ELTEH-Med”, and also teachers and the staff of department, including D.Eng.Sc., professor Artem Y. Gryaznov, PhD, assistants of EPU Department Karina K. Zhamova and Victor B. Bessonov are our staff members. Besides, we actively attract our students. At present about 10 people take part in scientific research, apply for training in postgraduate study after graduation form our university and work in our team.



Tender "HiProm 2016-Sensorics" is oriented on support of innovative projects in the field of detectors, sensors and systems of industrial monitoring and is a part of initiative of the Cluster of nuclear technologies, new industrial technologies and materials of Skolkovo Foundation and is implemented together with partner higher education institutions and industrial companies.