Analog Devices - the ETU "LETI". 20 years of cooperation

Analog Devices - the ETU

Director of Analog Devices representation in Russia handed Rector of St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI” a company production unit of equipment for the laboratory of joint Center of the University Digital Signal Processors.

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Director of Analog Devices representation in Russia Evgeniy A. Vishinskiy handed Rector of St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI” Vladimir M. Kutuzov a company production unit of equipment for the laboratory of joint Center of the University Digital Signal Processors on the 22nd of January.

The Center appeared in the university in 1994 due to the rapid development of miniature digital signal processors (DSP), and the need for training specialists to work with this technique. In those years these processors were novelty, and their appearance became some kind of revolution in the system of signal processing and data conversion. And it is quite natural that the ETU and the world leader in this field, the company Analog Devices, became partners.

Today DSPs are applied almost in every field of electronics: cross connect equipment, systems of hydro- and radio-location, speech and image recognition, speech and music synthesizers and many other systems of high-speed signal processing real - time.  

- Our Center of DSP was the first among the created by Analog Devices in Russia, and remains a leading company in St. Petersburg, - stressed Vladimir M. Kutuzov in his speech. - The center is fully appointed with the equipment supplied by the company, and university professors and teachers give classes. For 20 years more than thousand specialists from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Samara and other regions of Russia improved their skills here. About a thousand of students of the ETU got the competence, that enables them to feel confident in the labor - market. Many of them work in leading innovative enterprises of the country. We appreciate the support of Analog Devices and are sure, that our cooperation will strengthen.

- Progress does not stand still, and the characteristics of such devices change seriously every 2-3 years. Sometimes revolutionarily, - marked Evgeniy A. Vyshinskiy. – And we try to provide the Centre with the latest models of devices in proper time. Transmitted sets ADUCM360 are among the latest developments of the company. These are mixed signal processing devices of new generation with more extensive technical capabilities. Earlier they were only computer systems, and the new devices are also measuring systems.

In accordance with the University program, the company provides students and teachers with portable sets for designing analog circuits. Teachers, training students at the Center, consider the inclusion of received sets in the educational process to be timely: students will receive relevant skills in fast-evolving and promising field. Using of this kit extends the ability of educational process, allowing students to produce simple experiments with advanced technologies quickly, as well as to create and experience real, operable analog circuits . Such approach to the teaching, focused on practical training, give students and professors the opportunity to expand the scope of the course materials and explore projects close to real life directly in the classroom.

In the framework of cooperation with the company practical workshops are held. Lead programmer of represented equipment, engineer of the Company Michael Mueller Aulmann delivered the report "Sensitive analog microconverters ADuCM360 of Analog Devices company» at one-day seminar in May, 13 in the ETU. Twenty-five highly skilled engineers - experts in the field of digital signal processing enterprises and organizations of the North-West were able to see new devices, to test their core capabilities, to get answers to their questions.

Speaking about LETI collaboration with Analog Devices, Vladimir M. Kutuzov said, that the possibility of establishing an engineering center of medical technologies at the university is being considered at the present time.  A certain base exists in LETI for this purpose: a series of small businesses of the university produce medical devices of various profiles, Analog Devices new developments will help to improve the characteristics of both existing and newly developed instruments. Moreover, the university trains specialists in the field of biotechnological systems, and developments of LETI scientists are widely used in medical institutions of the Russian Federation. The idea of ​​establishing such a center has already received support of several medical institutions.

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Analog Devices was established in 1965. Today it is the world leader in the field of signal processing techniques and data conversion. General Headquarters of Analog Devices is situated in Norwood , Massachusetts, USA , and design centers and manufacturing facilities are dispersed all over the world. Staff of the company counts 9,000 people, 5,000 of whom are engineers. The company cooperates with more than 60,000 consumers in almost all industries of electronic industry. Analog Devices is included in the market index list S&P 500 .

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