Campus Tour in LETI

Campus Tour in LETI

Group of members of Eurasian International Universities Networking Conference (IUNC) visited LETI on May 14.

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Group of members of Eurasian International Universities Networking Conference (IUNC), representing universities of the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and Africa, government and public educational institutions, agencies and organizations of student mobility and companies working in the field of higher education, visited LETI on May 14.

Vice-Rector for International Affairs V.A.Tupik and staff of International Relations Department told the guests about history and present of the University. For representatives of foreign universities tour around the university was organized, during which they familiarized with the exposition laboratory of radio inventor Alexander Popov, visited the university library, laboratories and classrooms, including audience of Popov, talked to teachers and students of LETI. They were not only satisfied with the visit to the university – it exceeded their expectations.

Here is the opinion of Vitaliy Kartamyshev, representative of ETS Global, specializing in educational services: " I've never believed that LETI is university with rich history and powerful scientific potential. Today my views changed absolutely. Ongoing research and development, including commissioned by world famous companies, meet the highest standards. Learning process is based on more than century-old traditions established by prominent Soviet scientists. This is quite modern innovative world-class university."

"It is better to see once than hear hundred times," - commented Malkoln Hughes,who represented the University of West England. He was particularly interested in developments in the field of laser technology. He also noted that the implementation of master program "Laser Measurement Technology" in English is an important step in enhancing of international prestige of the university.

And Suzanne Tomassi from Coventry University was impressed by hardware and software systems "Scan" and "DiaSled", allowing doctor to assess the state of patient's foot quickly and evenly and prescribe adequate treatment and orthopedic support. These instrumentation systems for a variety of indicators surpass foreign analogues.

The main purpose of this conference IUNC is to develop relationship between higher education institutions in different countries and creation of worldwide network of interaction for colleagues and partners. Particular attention was paid to cooperation with universities of Eurasia. The conference was also attended by universities from other parts of the world that are going to cooperate with universities from Eurasia. Totally there were about 300 universities.

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