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International Day of Tolerance at ETU

On November 15 – 16, 2016 the IX Interuniversity Forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures" held by Department of Foreign languages was held at ETU within the International Day of Tolerance. The event took place under the slogan "The Cinema is a ruling of inexpressible". The subject was chosen not accidentally – the year 2016 is announced a Year of Cinema in Russia. 

By tradition the Forum was opened by scientific and practical conference where teachers and students of higher education institutions of St. Petersburg made reports and messages devoted to a primary subject of the Forum – the cinema. Speakers covered various aspects of cinematography of both Russian and foreign cinema in their reports .

On the next day the exhibition of national dresses, household items and tasting of dishes of different nations took place. Foreign students of ETU wearing bright folk costumes acquainted guests of the Forum with their culture through the ethnic cuisine, suggesting guests to taste traditional dishes and telling about them. The exhibition was followed by the concert organized by students-linguists of Faculty of Humanities and foreign students of our university.

Each item represented the small comic sketches showing features of movies of the different countries. Speakers transferred the audience to the world of Japanese, American, French, Italian and Russian cinema, having marked out the brightest features of each of them. The audience could enjoy picturesque Japanese, passionate Argentina, colourful Indian and plastic Tajik dances, and also songs in different languages, including Swahili.

As usually, atmosphere of the Forum was friendly and festive, and participants gave the audience an opportunity to see movies of the different countries on one big screen!

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