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July 2017

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LETI students at «YEE – Young entrepreneurs in new Europe»

From August 6 to August 13 students of Public relations Department of ETU took part in the 15th annual international project "YEE-Young entrepreneurs in new Europe" again. The essence of the project is that young people from Russia gather on the island in the North Sea near the Gothenburg (Sweden), Great Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries and in a format of training study business planning. Teachers and trainers of the project are the staff of such universities as Oxford Brookes University and Warwick University. Participants were divided into teams, each thought out and developed its own business project within a week. In the end of the week participants represent the results to the teachers, regional authorities and media. In general the program helped to raise not only skills in the field of business planning, but also language, cross-cultural interaction and also just to find new friends.

Students of the second year of Public relations Department Alisa Aronskaya and Antonina Reshetnyak shared the impressions of participation in the project:

"This year the project was held on Ulvon island where there were only participants and organizers of YEE 2016. We lived in separate little houses for 4 persons. After the breakfast at 9:00 we had active classes which were interrupted by coffee breaks. At this time we had an opportunity to communicate, know each other better, speak about our countries. Then we studied again and (with lunch breaks and a dinner) continued till 21:00. In addition to study we had team building and other activities. We especially liked competitions devoted to the opening of the Olympic Games. After the end of the classes we could spend time with each other walking on the island, playing games, listening to music. Thanks to this program all children gained new knowledge, became the one team, found friends in different countries, that’s why the  farewell was very hard... Now participants plan to travel and visit each other more.

    L. V. Sharakhina, partner of the project in Russia (Public relations department)


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