Ecology in the palette of languages and cultures

Ecology in the palette of languages and cultures

X Interuniversity Forum “Palette of languages and cultures”, organized by Department of Foreign Languages, took place in October and November of 2017. This year the topic of the Forum was “Ecology and culture”.

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Topic of the Forum “Environment and culture” was connected to the topic of year 2017, that was announced as a Year of Ecology in Russia. The main goal of the Forum was to look at the issues of environment as one of the varieties of communicational and cultural expression.

The poetry readings “For the first time I’m singing of love…” was held as part of the Forum on October, 25. It’s held at the University for the third time and all-years students of Department of Foreign Languages participated in this event. They showed the audience all types of love and all its manifestations.

“The topic of our evening is “love”, which is directly related to the topic of the Forum, because nothing can be more pure and brighter than true love…”

Head of Department of Foreign Languages A. Shumkov

Research and practical conference as a part of the Forum was held on November, 13, where professors and students of Saint-Petersburg universities presented their reports about environment. Representatives of St. Petersburg University for Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law and Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics were among the guests at the Conference.

The forum “Palette of languages and cultures” is a good tradition of our university. Annually it touches on equally topical issues, and the topic of this year is particularly acute all over the world, because our destiny and destiny of our descendants depend on the ecology.

Vice-Rector for Students' work and social questions V. Filatov

Reports at the plenary session were dedicated to the environmental status of the Russian Federation and its regions.

At break-out session there were presented 13 reports on environmental problems of different countries (China, Spain, etc.), including the context of international environmental cooperation. A question regarding the interconnection between environment and mental illnesses and psychological disorders caused, for example, by such a phenomenon as noise, also was mentioned.

At the Forum environment was also considered to be particular manifestation of culture and communication. This fact was mentioned in the reports dedicated to communicative ecology and cultural dialogue, to environmental awareness and the role of a human being in the global ecological culture and to the appearance of such an ideological line in ecology as “eco-feminism”.

A separate group of reports was dedicated to the problems of purism and language purity, for example, to research of specific use of particular words and expressions, “polluting” the language.

The forum “Pallete of languages and cultures” lets participants share new ideas concerning modern topical issues; also it gave students a perfect opportunity to show the results of their research work and to acquire the skills of public appearance.