Probation in Stralsund

Probation in Stralsund

From March 30 to April 13, 2014 two ETU students were on probation in the 22th Spring School of the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

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From March 30 to April 13, 2014 2nd-year postgraduate student of Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering Emil Mannanov (Department of Of Electotechnology and Converter Engineering) and 2nd-year graduate student of Faculty of Electronics Dmitry Redka (Department of Quantum and Optical Electronics) were on probation on subject of renewable energy «STREET into the Future - Storage Technologies for European Energy Transition based on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technology» under the 22th Spring School of the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany), which is part of the European educational program Erasmus.

Lectures and laboratory works were devoted to topical issues of creation of alternative sources of energy based on hydrogen, wind and solar energy, as well as to issues of connection and use of data sources in urban networks. Specialists from universities in Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and Finland were among the teachers. Classes were held in English. Upon completion of the program participants wrote the final examination paper, on the results of which they received certificates confirming the probation.

At seminars, devoted to the universities, participating in the Spring school, to renewable energy in different countries and to the results of research in this area, Dmitry and Emil in detail elucidated research activities of the ETU and the latest developments of Russian specialists in the creation of alternative sources of energy.

Educational part of the internship was supplemented with cultural and educational events. Participants visited the exhibition Hannover Messe, dedicated to the development of electronic equipment and the use of renewable energy sources in industry and everyday life, they saw the Museum of aviation, missile and naval equipment of World War II at Peenemunde, and also visited a nuclear power plant in Greifswald, constructed upon the Russian - German project in the 80s of the last century.

Our program participants noted a huge amount of qualitative material, high level of organization of the Spring School and its benefit from the viewpoints of learning, language practice and communication.

The probation was organized in the framework of a bilateral agreement between the ETU “LETI” and the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany) on exchange of students and faculty, joint research, organizing practices, probations, lectures and conferences.