Significant changes in the program "Global Education"

Significant changes in the program

Significant changes concerning foreign universities and employers happened in the program "Global Education" .

25.08.2015 135

Significant changes in the program "Global Education"

The list of foreign universities and educational programs, on which participants of the program can be trained, was widened. There were 27 countries and 227 universities. Now there are 32 countries and 288 universities.

Sum of grant for one winner for one year was increased. It was 1,381,800 rubles, and now it’s 2,763,600 rubles a year per one participant.

Performance targets for the number of Russian citizens who can get social support within the state grant program were modified too.

The list of employers was widened to 544 organizations.

Official website of the program was updated:

General information about the program "Global Education", including regulations, current news, the list of winners, selection procedures, employment and other mechanisms are available on the official website of the Programme: