VIII Annual Forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures"

VIII Annual Forum

On November 16 and 18, 2015 the VIII Annual Forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures" was held at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical university "LETI".


On November 16 and 18, 2015 the VIII Annual Forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures" was held at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical university "LETI". Its main subject was "Literature is a conscience of society, it’s its soul" (D. S. Likhachev).

On the first day the traditional exhibition of national suits, household items, and also tasting of dishes of people of the world took place. Foreign students prepared entertainments for guests of the events. Cuisines and national suits of residents of Azerbaijan, Italy, Belarus, India, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Vietnam, France and Russia were presented.

The exhibition was followed by a concert at which Russian and foreign students and graduate students of LETI and other universities performed. The event was visited by the consul general of Kazakhstan in St. Petersburg Ermek Primbetov.

Vladimir M. Kutuzov, rector of "LETI", greeted students, teachers and guests of the concert: "I am very happy that the quantity of nationalities, representatives of which study at LETI, grows. A share of foreign students is one of indicators of success of university in the international ratings, and we are included into the three best universities of Russia by this criterion. It is difficult to study in our country: there are different climate and culture. I want to assure you that together with teachers we do everything possible to make the training comfortable". Vladimir M. Kutuzov also emphasized that we can't remain indifferent to the tragedy which happened in Paris on October 13: "The events in the world remind us of necessity of showing tolerance and therefore the subject of the forum is so important". Attendees honored the memory of the victims of act of terrorism in France by minute of silence.

Having passed in suits of world-famous literary heroes -Tom Sawyer, Rodion Raskolnikov, Carlson, the baron Myunkhgauzen, the Little Mermaid, Romeo, Juliette and many others, students opened the concert. Members of the concert spoke about jealousy and love in all their aspects, about Silver age, about L. N. Tolstoy's life in St. Petersburg and numerous screen versions of his novel "Anna Karenina", about Irish poet Thomas Moore, author of the poem "Those evening bells", that became so famous among Russian readers thanks to Ivan Kozlov's translation "An evening ring".

Students from Vietnam and China sang songs in the native language, and leti students from Nigeria showed national dance. Also there were songs and verses on Spanish, Ukrainian, English and even Macedonian. The Head of the Department of foreign languages Andrey A. Shumkov sread his own translation of the well-known song of Raimonds Pauls "The yellow leaves". The foreigner students learning Russian only one month, closed the concert with the song of A. Hermann "Spring".

On November, 18 scientific and practical conference at which reports and messages of participants devoted to the questions connected with the main subject of the forum took place.

Nina F. Shcherbak, Cand. Sc., senior teacher of Department of English philology and cultural linguistics of St.Petersburg State University told about poetics of the novel of Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye". The guest from Great Britain Janet Shirley Stanbury made the report of "English Language in a Dialogue of Cultures" in which she covered a problem of difficulties in understanding between different cultures and English roles in dialogue of people of the world. Valens Maniragena, assistant lecturer of "LETI" Department of Computer Science and Engineering acquainted the audience with classical Rwandan literature and read verses in surprisingly poetical Rwandan language. Emilia V. Bushuyeva, senior teacher of Department of linguistics and translation of Saint-Petersburg Institute of foreign economic relations, economics and law performed with report on subject "The concept of tolerance in Russian literature of the 19th century: "The Caucasian syndrome”. At the conference the framing subject in cross-cultural communication was also touched: Aleksandra Sopina, graduate student of Department of foreign languages of LETI, spoke about the use of words in different countries for description of the same phenomena, and also about the arising associations in connection with these words.

The LETI student from Argentina Maximiliano Gonzalez prepared the report about Argentine writer Julio Cortazar, author of stories with elements of household fantasy and magic realism. Alisa Topchiy, 2-year student of Department of foreign languages spoke about jealousy in the Russian lliterature. Ekaterina Bedereva's performance was devoted to symbolism in R. Bradbury's novel "461 degrees Fahrenheit".

Students of Saint-Petersburg Institute of foreign economic relations, economics and law under the leadership of E.V. Bushuyeva also took part in the conference. They told about life and works of poets of Silver age: Ekaterina Belyankina read the report on K.D. Balmont, Vladlens Kalinovskaya acquainted audience with translation activity of N. S. Gumilev, and Denis Masalsky prepared performance in English "V.V.Mayakovsky: poetry and translation". The subject was also supported by students of our university: Polina Vaganova told about I. Brodsky's life. Guests of LETI made other interesting reports. Zinaida Yarova told the audiences about K.I. Chukovsky's creativity as translator and well-known American poet U. Whitman. Katerina Lashun continued to speak about translations and spoke feat of Tatyana Gnedich. Anna Yakimchuk urged the audience to spend less time for Internet communication, to share feelings with the relatives and, of course, to read more.