Eminent scientists

Eminent scientists of Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University ETU "LETI"

Eminent scientists

Oleg V. Alekseev

6 April, 1937 - 5 March, 1999

Rector of LETI (1984 - 1999). Expert in the field of radio transmitting systems for communications, radar and electronic navigation, organizer of technical education. In 1961 he graduated from the Radio Engineering Faculty of LETI with honors. In the same year he started working in LETI.  hD (1964), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1976), Professor (1977).

Eminent scientists

Zhores I. Alferov

Born March 15, 1930

In 1952 he graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering LETI on a speciality "Electrovacuum engineering". In 2000 Zhores I. Alferov was awarded the Nobel prize in physics for the development of heterostructures for high-speed electronics and optoelectronics.

Eminent scientists

Peter F. Antipin

13 (25) December, 1890 - 30 October, 1960

In 1921 he graduated from Electrochemical Faculty of ETI. Expert in the field of electrochemistry and electrometallurgy, the founder of scientific school of light metals metallurgy.

Eminent scientists

Pavel A. Azbukin

22 June, 1882 - 24 October, 1970

In 1908 he graduated from ETI, from 1909 to 1928 he was engaged in teaching in ETI. One of the founders of national scientific and engineering school of long wire connection.

Eminent scientists

Aksel I. Berg

29 October (10 December), 1893 - 9 July, 1979

Expert in the field of radiotechnics, organizer of science and industry. Initiated the creation of medical-electronic equipment department in LETI. Professor (1930), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1936), Corresponding Member (1943), Academician of USSR Academy of Sciences (1946). Admiral engineer (1955).

Eminent scientists

Vladimir V. Dmitriev

8 November, 1873 - 29 September, 1946

In 1898 he graduated from ETI. From 1899 to 1946 he was engaaged in teaching in ETI - LETI. Expert in design and construction of power plants. Founder of scientific school of thermal power.

Eminent scientists

Imant G. Freyman

1 May (19 April), 1890 - 8 December, 1929

One of the founders of national radio engineering, initiator of scientific engineering approach to solving its practical problems.
In 1913 he graduated from ETI. Professor (1921).

Eminent scientists

Genrih O. Graftio

26 December, 1869 - 30 April, 1949

Prominent Russian engineer and  power engineering scientist, one of the pioneers of native hydropower construction work. Director of LETI from 1924 to 1925. From 1907-1949 he was engaged in teaching in ETI-LETI. Professor (1921), Academician of USSR Academy of Sciences (1932).

Eminent scientists

Ilya V. Grebenshikov

24 June, 1887 - 2 February, 1953

Prominent Russian chemist and technologist. Lecturer (1913-1921), Head of the Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry of ETI-LETI (1921-1930).

Eminent scientists

Nikolay N. Kachalov

11 May,1852 - 14 May, 1909

Naval officer, electrical engineer. Honorary electrical engineer (1899).

Inspector of Technical School Postal and Telegraph Office (1886-1890). Associate director of ETI (1895-1898). Director of ETI (1898 - 1905).

Eminent scientists

Nikolay G. Pisarevsky

1 November, 1821 - 20 June, 1895

Expert in the field of electrical communication facilities, public man, organizer and the first director of Russia's first electrotechnical academy. Director of the Technical School of postal telegraph department(1886 - 1891). Director of LETI (1891 - 1895).

Eminent scientists

Alexandr S. Popov

16 March, 1859 - 13 January, 1906

Russian physicist and electrical engineer, professor, one of the inventors of radio. Since 1905 was the first elected director of ETI.

Eminent scientists

Sergey A. Rinkevich

24 June, 1886 - 30 April, 1955

In 1913 he graduated from ETI, from 1913 to 1955 he was engaged in teaching in ETI. Expert in the field of electrification of industry, the founder of national school of electric drive.

Eminent scientists

Alexandr A. Smurov

15 January, 1884 - 8 April, 1937

Director of LETI (1925-1929). Expertt in the field of high-voltage networks and transmission of electrical energy. Organizer and head of the first in Russia department of high-voltage engineering.

Eminent scientists

Valentin P. Vologdin

22 March, 1881 - 23 April, 1953

The founder of the high frequencies technique in Russia. He created the world's first high-voltage mercury rectifiers. From 1924 he was professor in LETI.

Eminent scientists

Pavel D. Voynarovskiy

15 February, 1866 - 26 June, 1913

Director of LETI from 1906 to 1912. Scientist-encyclopaedist in electrical engineering, telecommunication, electric power transmission by air and cable lines.