University today

ETU LETI is one of the leading technical universities in Russia.

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" was founded in 1886 and became the first European higher education institution specialized in the field of electrical engineering. Today ETU is a leading Russian educational and research center whose mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. As such, ETU tries to sustain, strengthen, and increase its competitiveness, and to ensure a continuously high level of education and research.

According to the SIR World Report 2010: Global Ranking of Worldwide Research Institutions by the SCImago Research Group, ETU was ranked one of the top 14 Russian institutions of the highest research significance, and one of the top 4 Russian universities of technology with the highest citation index.

ETU lies in the 5th place in the world rating of universities leading in the area of nanotechnology as specified in "The nanomarket: from nanotechnologies to nanoproducts", edited by G.L. Azoev, Moscow, The BKL Publishers, 2011, 319 p., ISBN 978-5-9963-0421-9 (in Russian).

Today ETU consists of seven schools:

  1. Radio Engineering
  2. Electronics
  3. Computer Science and Technology
  4. Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering
  5. Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems
  6. Economics and Management
  7. Humanities

Training is conducted according to the Federal State Educational Standard. Bachelors are prepared on 21 educational directions, Masters on 53 educational programs, Specialists – on 2 programs.

Training of highly qualified scientific personnel is carried out on 42 scientific specialties. At the present time 323 post-graduate students and 16 PhD students study at the ETU. There are 9 dissertation councils on 23 specialties. More than 80 people finish post-graduate study every year.

At the moment about 8000 students and postgraduates study at the ETU. More than 300 of them come from abroad, representing nearly 40 countries. University has more than 1,600 graduates on main educational programs annually.

The ETU has 5 corresponding members of RAS, 20 winners of national and international awards. More than 1000 academics including 125 Professors, 158 Doctors of Science and near 560 Ph.D. scientists work for ETU. More than 20 members of national and international Academies of Sciences are among the ETU lecturers.

The ETU campus occupies 82000 sq. m. and is located in the downtown area of St. Petersburg.

Besides academic laboratories of 7 faculties, research and innovation complex of the ETU includes Technology park, 8 research and educational centers. Technology park of the University provides a range of business services to 38 small innovative enterprises. More than 300 teachers, students and postgraduates work in small businesses of Technology park annually.

The University hosts five research institutes:

  1. Radiotechnics and Telecommunication;
  2. Radioelectronic Systems of Emergency Forecast;
  3. Biotechnical Systems;
  4. Modeling and Intellectualization of Complex Systems;
  5. Advanced Education.

Over 50 research teams and state-of-the-art laboratories carry out breakthrough fundamental and applied research in Radio Electronics, Radio Physics, Information and Telecommunications Systems, Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Optoelectronics and Quantum Electronics, Vacuum and Plasma Technology, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Technology, Biomedical Engineering etc.

More than 50 high-tech enterprises of industries are strategic partners of the ETU. Among foreign partners of the university are 19 large plant facilities, 10 science and research institutes and centers, 63 universities from 23 countries.

The University infrastructure includes the Center for Microelectronics and Diagnostics. In the framework of the Federal Target Program 'The Russian Federation Nanoindustry Infrastructure Development, 2008-2010,' the Center for Science and Education 'Nanotechnologies for Safety Systems' was established at ETU.

ETU hosts the laboratories of such world-wide acting companies as Altium, Infineon, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, National Instruments, Nokia, Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens, Texas Instruments, as well as the laboratories of a number of Russian manufacturers of hi-tech products.

Our University offers to students a wide range of educational courses of different levels. Graduates of the Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University «LETI » have deep fundamental knowledge and practical skills. Friendly University environment helps to open the abilities of scholars, to support their creativity, develops internal culture, generates interest in acquiring new knowledge, have a taste for future professional activity. Excellent theoretical and practical basis of LETI graduates, their business acumen and wide outlook provide high competitiveness in the modern job market and stable career growth.

In 2013 the ETU "LETI" was awarded the St. Petersburg Government Educational Services Quality Prize.