Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"
the oldest Electrotechnical University in Europe

July 2017

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Faculties of our university

Mission of the university

Being among the best electrotechnical universities of our country, ETU has leading positions in working out of many fields, such as radio-electronic, information-management systems and technologies, systems of information and communication ,  in the fields of life support of a man and environmental protection. The university continues to develop as an innovation institute of higher education, where scientific and educational activities are united.   

We understand, that we owe our great and rich history  and our progress to the  work of many talented and inspired scientists and professors, who built schools of thoughts, educational tendencies, that defined the work of the university many years ahead.

We promise that ETU will continue to improve its activity, will participate in forming of global scientific-educational  field, will contribute to the success of its graduates in competitive environment.

We are proud of our history.

We think about future.

Our main goals are:

Main trends of activity of the university are:

The mission of the university is to generate, expand and apply the new knowledge for dynamic development and maintenance of global competitiveness of radio-electronic and info telecommunication systems, taking in consideration predictable global trends in science, techniques, technologies  and structural reforms in economics. 

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