SCM 2017

Публикации ФИБС ЛЭТИ в материалах 2017 IEEE International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements

Библиографическая ссылка Кафедра
1 Movement kinematics research systems. architectural solutions. Areshko, E.O., Zabolotskaya, N.K., Korolev, P.G. Номер статьи 7970660, Pages 593-595. ИИСТ
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5 An expert system for choosing the optimal solution in distance learning, N. I. Kurakina; M. V. Babaev; A. D. Kuzmina, Pages: 472 – 476. ИИСТ
6 Trends in voltage battery charging of wireless sensor monitoring network, E. A. Chernetsova; N. I. Kurakina; N. S. Shlygina, Pages: 356 – 359. ИИСТ
7 Procedures for decision-making with the comparison of the standards, E. S. Suloeva; E. I. Tsvetkov; A. S. Toporskaya. ИИСТ
8 Adaptive systems of automatic control with prioritized channels, E. M. Antonyuk; I. E. Varshavsky; P. E. Antonyuk, Pages: 539 – 540. ИИСТ
9 Wireless mobile measurement system optimization, N. V. Romantsova; A. V. Tsareva, Pages: 635 – 637. ИИСТ
10 Means of statistically well-founded correction of the transformation characteristic of the measuring channel, E. O. Areshko; P. G. Korolev; A. V. Tsareva, Pages: 586 - 588. ИИСТ
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12 Yu. O. Bobrova, Yu. A. Zhivolupova Automatic Detection of Abnormal Fetal States by Means of a Personal Monitoring System. С. 782-785. DOI: 10.1109/SCM.2017.7970723. БТС
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15 Gorokhov, V.L., Vitkovsky, V.V., Kholodnyak, D.V. Practices of the analysis of scientific metaphor on the basis of cognitive images of multidimensional data. 7970715, pp. 760-761. DOI: 10.1109/SCM.2017.7970715. ИЗОС
16 Ivashchenko, E.M., Pavlov, P.A.,  Filatov, Y.V. Dynamic goniometer's measurement uncertainty. 7970488, Pages 37-39. DOI: 10.1109/SCM.2017.7970488. ЛИНС