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PHP Developer (Web Applications)

Требуется: Выпусники

Занятость: Полная



You will be working for one of the best IT service providers and you will be responsible for the new and further development of our internal web applications. In order to transparently and efficiently work on our numerous international projects, we are developing an application for our colleague’s world-wide simplifying and accelerating their daily work to provide our services. You will implement our internal processes for order processing in a clearly defined workflow within a new web-based application while ensuring the automated process steps: Development of a new web-based portal solution for our internal departments worldwide; Function upgrade of our already existing PHP-based web applications in cooperation with the Requirements Engineer responsible; You like analysing processes, convert them into web applications and with this creating a unique software.

Дополнительная информация:

You already ... 

  • have gathered relevant experience in PHP programming 
  • have excellent knowledge in working with MS SQL databases as well as good knowledge of AJAX-based web applications and working with PHP frameworks such as Symfony or Laravel 
  • are fluent in English and are eager to take on a responsible job where you can make your own decisions and work in an outstanding team 

What we offer 

  • Full-time office position in Saint Petersburg, Russia 
  • A secure job in an exponentially growing international company 
  • Exciting projects in your own responsibility with diverse challenges 
  • Your day will not be made up of innumerable meetings and tedious discussions, but of what you are passionate about: bringing applications to life 
  • Wonderful team spirit and a great working atmosphere in a friendly team 
  • Direct and open communication 
  • Very good opportunities for professional and personal further development thanks to our human resources development programme 
  • Mentor programme for an easy start for new employees 
  • Room for your own ideas and suggestions for improvement as well as their quick implementation due to brief decisions making processes 

Who we are 
Hemmersbach provides cross-border infrastructural services for the information technology (IT) industry worldwide. However, our software is not developed for the IT industry; It is in-house software only, which is exclusively used within the company: We develop what our colleagues need! Accordingly, we use various programming languages, such as PHP, Java EE or C#. As an IT company we use state-of-the-art technologies like continuous integration with Jenkins and SonarQube, manage our dependencies using Nexus and rely on Java8 and PHP7, and of course we design our new applications with tools such as Enterprise Architect.

If you are interested, let us know by simply sending your application by mail to 
Please submit your application in English only. 
Visit us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Hemmersbach.Global)!

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